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About The Owner


Around 30 years ago, my father worked in the greater part of Houston beautifying & maintaining lawns. He guided my brother and I to be efficient and honest workers. His work ethics have pushed us to put the needs of our clients first--old and new. I have the expertise and knowledge to help you with your trees and landscape. It would be my pleasure to offer you this unique experience with any and all our tree and lawn maintenance services.

I offer a variety of services to help my clients maintain beautiful, healthy trees and lawns. No matter the kind of project, big or small, I take pride in protecting your landscape investments. I am passionate about everything outdoors and want to make your out door experience as pleasant as possible.

At Nu Roots Tree Services, we use organic products only and complete each project efficiently and quickly, without compromising quality. For more on what my company do for you, contact Nu Roots Tree Services today at (832) 857-8000!